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We bring you a truly different type of consultant. BLOC bridges connections between global companies, start-ups, non-profit organizations and a highly trained pool of freelancers for project work. Connect with us!

Marketing and Sales
Operations and Performance Improvement
Project Leadership


Case Studies

Strategic Planning: A former Strategy Executive from Supervalu worked alongside the executive team at an up-and-coming automotive company to write their first annual strategic plan.

Marketing & Sales

Case Studies

Introduction of Kitchenware/Tabletop assortment at a major Australian Retailer: A former Target Merchandising Executive analyzed the Australian customer and purchasing behavior, identified assortments, and developed the vision and strategy for layout, in-store signing, fixturing, e-commerce strategy, inventory management, promotional catalogs and pricing architecture.

Operations & Performance Improvement

Case Studies

$400M cost take-out for an international Insurance Brokerage firm: A former Business Transformation executive from Supervalu aided Willis Towers Watson in removing $400M of operating expense via a shared services model.

Project Leadership

Case Studies

Portfolio Management for $40M Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) effort at UnitedHealth: A Cornell graduate and former Project Management leader from Target managed a highly complex portfolio to conduct software upgrades that were four times the effort from the year prior. Laid the foundation for a scalable solution as the client continues to grow and application upgrades increase exponentially.


We have the intellectual horsepower of traditional consultants hired right out of elite MBA schools, but are a fraction of the cost.

We have distinguished reputations as former C-Level executives, VPs, Directors, and critical Subject Matter Experts in the environment we now consult. We have been “boots on the ground” both leading and implementing disruptive innovation, complex programs, turn-arounds, and start-ups.

We create solutions to complex problems, and expertly partner with our clients to understand which ideas will work, adroitly navigate the complexities of organizational change and culture, and demonstrate benefits quickly.

We flex to accommodate a wide range of project needs including budget, duration, number of resources required, industry experience, and subject matter expertise.

We Have the Best Clients

Our People

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What sets us apart from other consultants? Everything!

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Many of our consultants have advanced degrees and/or degrees from top schools like Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, and University of Chicago.

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Most consultants have 10+ years of progressive leadership experience in companies like Target, Wal-Mart, Medtronic, Amazon and GE. Others have specialized expertise in start-ups, post start-ups, non-profits, and private equity firms. We were C-Level executives, VPs, Directors, and critical subject matter experts within the environments we now consult.

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Our team has varied experience levels in consulting—some have 25+ projects under their belt, others 5-25 projects, and some are just venturing into this space. Some have experience in firms like Accenture or Deloitte before opening their own practice, but most bridged into consulting directly from a corporate career.

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The BLOC team are experts in their field. What sets us apart is our ability to ideate creative solutions to complex problems, navigate the complexities of organizational change and culture, efficiently and effectively bring those ideas to life, and show benefits quickly.

Our Values

We “Show Up”

We are judicious in how we present ourselves to the world each day, from every standpoint. We are honorable, reliable, and humble. We are transparent about what we are good at and what we are not, and stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.

We Connect Authentically

BLOC by definition is a coalition of people united with a common purpose. We appreciate the richness of human connection and emotional reaction, and the value it brings to our lives. We embrace play and laughter. We learn from others’ knowledge and insight, and experience the multiplier of a group of similarly talented professionals with disparate skill sets.

We Are Courageous

We are not defined by what limits us, but empowered by what we can be. We aren’t afraid of the dark—we are energized by situations that don't have clear directions and are courageous and steadfast in finding our way.

Join Our Team

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BLOC Consultants Typically Have:

If you are interested in joining BLOC’s network of collaborative consultants, please e-mail your resume to talent@bloccollaborative.com.

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Find Consulting Work.

Use BLOC as one of your business development channels to find engagements at your desired rate.


Earn Client Finders Fees.

Refer clients to BLOC and earn a finders fee. No work required on your part, except to introduce clients to BLOC. Your fee is earned when a BLOC consultant is hired.


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Refer consultants to BLOC, and earn referral bonuses.


Find Stellar Subcontractors.

Tap into the BLOC network and find top talent to assist you with client engagements.

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If you are a client with a project need, please reach out to Vanessa Nelson at 612-816-5899 or vanessa@bloccollaborative.com.

If you are interested in joining our consortium of BLOC consultants, please email your resume to talent@bloccollaborative.com.